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Bob Watson

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Marketing Group, Bob Watson created one of the first website design firms in Florida, Allen Watson Interactive (AWI), in 1995. AWI enjoyed great success in educating clients who were "early adopters" of the internet. Before starting his own company, Bob held sales management and marketing positions at Unisys. During that time, he received a number of awards for exceeding company sales goals and was promoted to the position of Regional Program Manager for the Southeast United States. Bob combined his executive management skills, sales and marketing experience with his strong understanding of technology to establish Horizon Marketing Group. His ten years at Unisys, and experience forming AWI, provided him with a unique perspective and an eye focused on emerging technologies.

Using the experience gained in forming Horizon Marketing Group, Bob co-founded a powerful consumer-oriented email marketing firm, Peer 360, in 2000. His acumen in product development and management has helped to propel Peer360 from a small e-commerce company to a business that now integrates strategic e-marketing with customer relationship management. Peer360's clients are among some of the largest publicly traded companies in the world including corporations such as Diageo, GE, Carters and the Wrigley Corporation.

Bob holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida in Management Information Systems.

Email Bob Watson bob@horizonmarketing.com.