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While each client has specific needs, HMG’s approach in creating and implementing the right strategy is vital to the success of the SEO campaign. Our Search Team is comprised of experts in pay-per-click, natural SEO, conversion analysis and marketing strategy. We will work to ensure modern standards of SEO are applied, performing tasks such as Keyword Research, Taxonomy Recommendations, Keyword Mapping, URL Recommendations, Unique Meta Data, and a 301 Redirect Plan.

Organic Search Baseline Analysis

  • Keyword Research
  • Website Ranking Analysis
  • Domain Authority Review
  • Competitor SEO Analysis
  • Inbound Link Analysis
  • Website Architecture and Code Analysis
  • Search Engine Saturation Analysis
  • META Tag Analysis
  • Site Activity Analysis
  • Conversion Point Analysis

Search Engine Optimization

  • META Tag / Text / Coding Optimization
  • Web Architecture and Design Recommendations
  • On-Page Copy Recommendations
  • Linking Strategy Recommendations
  • Conversion Point Optimization Plan
  • Website Analytics Setup (Including Goal Tracking) Plan
  • Pay-Per-Click Strategy and Budget Recommendation

Website Migration

  • Domain Authority Review and Recommendations
  • Keyword Mapping and URL Recommendations
  • Redirect Strategy and Pre-Launch Plan
  • XML Sitemap Creation / Optimization / Submission
  • Conversion Point Tracking and Reporting Suggestions

Ongoing Program Optimization

  • Content Creation and Optimization
  • Index Status Review and Optimization
  • Optimization of Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization
  • Ongoing Conversion Point Analysis and Optimization

International Search Strategies

  • International Search Engine Optimization
  • Multi-Language Keyword Analysis and Recommendations
  • International Website Architecture Strategy
  • International Domain Strategy
  • International Pay-Per-Click Campaign Planning and Management

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