Erika Graff

Senior Strategist

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Erika Graff - Horizon Marketing Group

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As Senior Strategist, Erika Graff is responsible for overseeing and executing email campaigns and communications for national and international clients. She brings an outstanding reputation as a consummate professional with a strong background in sales, marketing and client services. An email marketing specialist, Erika also oversees development and client support for the Peer360 suite of email marketing solutions.

Prior to joining Horizon Marketing Group, Erika served as Director of Sales and Marketing at Worldtek Travel where she concentrated on developing a marketing strategy that included print, email and web-based initiatives. Erika also brings to the table an extensive background in training and development of a web-based registration program. Erika has been consistently recognized for providing outstanding client service throughout her career.

Erika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management of Sport Industries and a Master of Business Administration from the University of New Haven.

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