You want people to receive your message and respond to it

Social Media is all about the conversation, not just the contact

Mobile marketing is much more than just sending a text message to a phone

How do your email campaigns align with online search initiatives?

Email marketing can be a revenue driver unlike all others. In order to achieve this you need a well-crafted strategy, expert deliverability tools, tracking, segmentation and stellar design. We bring it all together to increase brand awareness and generate revenue for clients in 38 countries.

Implemented by Peer360's skilled practitioners, these integrated strategies will ensure that your offline and online marketing efforts move together with fluidity, giving you unparalleled results. Our team of experienced strategists will develop integrated plans that fit with overall business objectives, with email marketing as a core component.

Work hard, but make sure it's smart, too.

Today, if you aren't actively managing your brand's reputation every day, someone will be doing it for you. The world of blogs and social networks has changed the PR landscape. Anyone has the ability to comment on your brand, essentially creating your reputation for you. The only way to ensure your brand integrity is to monitor your online presence and distribute optimized content in exactly the right places. Using a combination of traditional and ePR (Electronic Public Relations), Peer360 makes sure the things being said "about" you are things that would be said "by" you.

Make the web work for you - HMG can help.

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