Generate leads, increase sales and build customer loyalty

Customers are nearly 5X more likely to read and 7X more likely to engage with a text message than with an email.

Offering direct access to customers, exceptional open rates and high levels of engagement, text messaging has become an essential communication channel for businesses.

Of course, not all text marketing programs are created equally. To be successful, businesses must develop a thoughtful, high-value messaging strategy that encourages customer participation as well as adheres to text messaging specific compliance requirements by both federal law and wireless carriers.

Best Practices for Text Marketing

1. Get Permission and Keep It
2. Be Clear About What You're Delivering
3. Grow Your List
4. Always Provide Value
5. Avoid Turning Opt-Ins Into Opt-Outs
6. Track Performace
7. Be Concise, Yet Professional
8. Use Power Words to Increase Conversions
9. Engage Customers with Visuals
10. Send the Right Message to the Right Customer

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