When it needs to be more than 'brochure ware'


  • Legacy system and data integration
  • Intranet and Extranet design and development
  • Ecommerce
  • Custom designed UI/UX
  • Responsivemobile centric
  • VIP Site hosting and maintenance

HMG specializes in web sites that are more than just any off-the-shelf template. From our first hand-coded sites in 1998 and still today, our philosophy is that client sites should be a sophisticated interactive tool, one that delves deeply into the expectations of your target audience and users—one that does not look like every other site on the web. Remember, the internet is the ONLY bidirectional real time media platform and is often times underutilized.

We specialize in creating web interactions—sites that provide a special marketing tool or activity that respond to user input and provide specialized assistance or access.

Give your users what they came for and leave the very best impression you can.

Let our seasoned web team help you find the technology and approach that will motivate your audience, accomplish your goals, and match your budget.

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